The church has entered the Easter season. That’s right – Easter is not just a day – it’s a whole season. And every year the season heads toward one destination: a birthday party! Specifically, the Easter season moves toward the birth of the church, the day called Pentecost.

This year, with everything locked up, locked down and locked away, we thought we’d open things up at bit, metaphorically that is. These 7 weeks are all about anticipating a birth. It is a season of expectation. And just like when someone is expecting a baby, there are SIGNS OF LIFE along the way. The same is true when it comes to looking ahead to Pentecost.

So each week, we’ll look at the various stories of Jesus and of the ways the disciples were being shown SIGNS of things to come. And we’ll ask the question: even in the face of such darkness and despair as the world looks to overcome the dangerous virus COVID-19, what are the signs of life around us? Where is God working? How is Jesus being made known today, here, through you and me.

We don’t know how long we’re going to be on “stay-at-home” orders, but our prayer is that by May 31st, the day of Pentecost, we’ll be cut loose and able to gather together for a grand birthday party. But even if we can’t, and we’re all still home – we can party safely at a distance. So start planning now! Order the balloons, look for the best cake recipes, and start designing that party outfit, for there will definitely be SIGNS OF LIFE all around!!!

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